Big Tamiya Stagosaurus with Orc arrow in his back. His eye is about human head height. The Tamiya dinos are 1/35 scale, meaning they've got a bit of extra bulk compared to the 1/56 (roughly) scale mini's I use. Can't complain about your dinosaurs being too big though right?!

I'm not much of a painter, I prefer to just get some paint on it, no matter how scruffy. Anything is better than bare plastic/metal. If anyone is interested though, I sprayed this guy white, then did a kind of reverse zenithal shading with black spray from above (wish I'd taken some WIP shots). I then put a few layers of inks/shades/washes, picked out some colours on the fins, and drybrushed the whole thing in white.


  1. Dude, dont know if you've seen this but check it out...


    Kind of fits in with the rhino samurai, low tech weapon too!

    1. Woah! How the hell did I miss this guy on my searchings!? Definitely on the wish list! The two scenery tiles I have done so far are part of a themed board that will end in a cave, he will be perfect for it's guardian. Thanks man!