Savage Orc Quarry tile

I bought some polystyrene from this little bit of antenocitis workshop. If anyone knows a cheaper scource of this stuff please tell me. Its not extortionate, but there must be a way of buying bulk from a home insulation wholesalers or something (surely). This tile took six A4 (a British paper size) chunks of 50mm thick styrofoam to make it, four for the base and two for the rocks. I threw on a few real stones from the beach for added detail.

To form the rocks I just hacked at the stuff with a semi-blunt kitchen knife. Something about the way it responds to the jagged violence of the knife leaves effects akin to weathering, crude Orcish tool marks and the shearing power of tectonic plate movement.

I was hoping for a more sandy desert finish rather than the grey colour that it ended up, but it suits the Orcs and thier stone based weapons better this way anyway.

I added GW Mordeheim Tufts and some tall grass from a model railway shop around the bases of the rock formations, figuring the water would run off them, hydrating the soil below and welcoming the grass seed that collected there. The last picture was taken before I put the tufts in place.


  1. Amazingly naturalistic vibe to the board. That last shot with the cave men hunting the Parasaurolophus had me reaching for my spear!

  2. Thanks @hybrid horde! The only downside to making fixed terrain boards is the lack of choice for layouts. I just don't like the look of terrain pieces plonked down on the table, it removes a layer of fantasy for me. Thanks for being my first ever commenter!

  3. Great blog. This is the main source of high density polystyrene in the Uk.


    Its not cheap!

  4. High praise indeed from such a prolific blogger/hobbyist as yourself legatus hedlius. Thanks for linking to me as well :)

  5. Wow, it is amazing post. You made nice rocks and mountains with using polystyrene blocks. It is so cost effective idea to make a wonderful island and it is so lightweight, and we can cut this into any shape. I will be making this as similar to you as soon as possible.

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