Savage Orc Bodyguard

Savage Orc bodyguard in heavy (wooden) armour, based on a 2 pence piece. A lot of people seem to have a pop at Games Workshop for thier prices. I don't think all thier stuff is extortionate. The kits that are over priced, are so because of thier in game value. Something that is meaningless to me the non player, so there is clearly an issue there. However, these Savage Orcs work out as £1.80 each, they're fully customisable, they come with loads of extra spare parts and I was able to build a ten man skirmish squad with plenty of character for 18 bucks, not too bad really! 

This guy is one of two bodyguards for the Orc Big Boss, the Boss is here, and the other bodyguard is here.

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