Savage Lands Introduction

Savage Lands is a 28mm miniature narrative based role-playing/skirmish game concept I have been working on for the past couple of months. The setting is "pulp prehistoric fantasy". The cavemen are ethnically white(and look suspiciously like Hollywood film stars), there are dinosaurs walking the same ground as humans, and there is also a myriad of monstrosities that exist elsewhere, either in Tolkienesque and other fantasy game worlds, or in our own mythology. 

The rules I have for whether to include a miniature in Savage Lands or not are simple. They are based purely on technology level, as represented on the miniature. Stone/bone/wooden weapons and armour are fine, whereas any metal is unacceptable. Over complex and/or highly skilled wood or stonework is also frowned upon, although if the mini is cool enough, allowances will be made! Textiles are also too hi tech for SL, animal hides being the standard attire.

Miniatures are/will be collected from many different miniatures companies, All scenery will be scratch built or up-cycled (from ornaments/charity shop junk/toys etc). 

At the moment I am using the "7th Voyage" variation of the Action! rule set, but plan to play as many different systems as possible for research in to writing an eventual Savage Lands set of rules, tailored to it's setting and characters. 

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