Lava River & Fissure to the Under Earth WIP

Guideline build, took this to remember how the blocks went together. Ended up forgetting straight away and putting it back together "wrong".

Hence the spacers at the top right and bottom left.

This awesome section of wall was done by my good friend hybrid horde. 

By carving in to the wall with a knife and pinning extra humps and bumps to the surface, an interesting and dynamic effect is achieved quite quickly and easily. The less you plan the better the effect I find.

T-rex and Copplestone Cave-woman for scale.

Improvements on the fissure and small entrance.

The (basically) finished article. I pinned it all together with kebab skewers and glued it with PVA wood glue. The whole lot is glued and tacked to a thin piece of MDF from the back of a cheap bit of furniture. 

Just got to add some real stones and sand and fill the lava river with some all purpose filler and it'll be ready for finishing. Very pleased with this so far. It's going to be the entrance to an underground civilisation of mushroom men, accessable only by the hole at the top via a rickety wooden bridge, high above the lava.

Naff little flyby of the tile.


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